Creativity is like a muscle- let’s keep it in shape

Creative thinking and imagination are like muscles.
The more we train them, the more we use them throughout the day, the stronger they get.

Every child gets this gift called imagination and creative thinking at birth.
He uses it for sensory and experiential development, he enjoys exploring the environment and tries to manage it independently.
But it’s a gift that we lose over time if we don’t take advantage of it.
And it happens if this muscle degenerates, as the child’s day is filled with orders and rules, following instructions, focusing on learning new content that leaves no room for free thought, spending hours in front of screens.

When I work with kids on creating their own set of multitasking games that don’t come with a set of rules and guidelines, I ask them open-ended questions like-
What else can you do with this tree?
What does the tree trunk remind you of?
Now that you have a ball also, what else can you do with the tree?
What can we do with the hard-card you made?
What does it remind you of?

There are the kids who associate immediately with something they have encountered in the past and run new game ideas independently – for example, we can play ping pong with the surface, which looks like a ping-pong racket🏓

Some children look at the tree and have no idea what to do with it.
Sometimes one or two demos is enough to break the barrier of independent thinking, and all of a sudden, original and varied ideas begin to emerge from the children themselves.

Therefore, I always equip the kids with some play ideas.
That way, I load up their creative thinking. Then, after the engine has warmed up, they take off and fly on their imaginary wings and the room is filled with interactive play.

Try that at home with your child.
Soon your child will play longer with games he hasn’t been playing with for a while.

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