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Healthy development is the basis of everything and the condition for doing anything; it should therefore never be taken for granted.


my name is Bell. I am the founder and developer of the game methodology, B SmART 'n PLAY and the creator/author of the game book, "B SmART 'n PLAY-Play, explore, connect, and have endless fun with games YOU create"

I have a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education with a specialization in posture cultivation, I’m a mother of three, and in less than ten years, my family and I lived in seven different countries, five of them in Eastern Europe.

In 1999 I started teaching kids, first as a swim instructor, and then, as a teacher and director of sports classes, that were focusing on cultivating a wide range of motor and social skills.

In 2006, my life journey started when my young family and I moved to Eastern Europe. During this extremely dynamic period of adjustment, I became exposed to a wide array of school systems, from nurseries to middle schools, and was able to gain first-hand knowledge of different educational methods and observe the influence that various teaching approaches and educational frameworks had on children’s development.

Alongside fitness, body shaping, and health instruction in the international community, I wished to combine my professional knowledge, my diverse experience, and my passion for arts and crafts to create games that support healthy development in children.

I was blessed with the opportunity to examine my original games in international educational settings. It was fascinating to see how kids of different ages, from different nationalities, and from both genders, teenagers, and also adults reacted with such an enthusiasm to them. Several games turned into a unique, fun and challenging game system.

It's very important to me to develop kid's creative thinking. I believe that this is one of the most essential skills, that help succeed and develop well in today's world. Therefore, throughout my programs, kids experience playing with original, multitasking SmART games, they create their own line of game items as individuals and experience their own style of design and colors, play with all the games they created as a group, share their creative ideas with their mates, and play together. They also experience playing in multiple ways with available recyclable materials and learn how to produce many activities with very simple available stuff and engage their creative thinking in everyday life.

Nowadays, I SmART workshops and classes for 3-to-11-year-olds, children-parents workshops, enrichment programs in educational settings, and develop yearly programs for educational settings.


About the concept behind B SmART 'n PLAY

The philosophy behind the games was developed out of the need of the hour.
The world of technology has a major impact on the conduct of the western society, and on the way in which kids grow. It is constantly offering new ways of commanding the attention of us all, kids and adults alike.
While we all strive to stay up-to-date with the world’s progress, our children’s basic regulatory development is possible mostly through interactive experiences. Physical activity, art, thought-provoking games, and social activities are all forms of stimulation that strengthen our brains and bodies and enable us to live healthier lives.

They are all a healthy platform for developing a multifaceted intelligence. The SmART games help children with learning disabilities to cooperate and even enjoy learning processes and to strengthen weaker developmental skills through games.

Quality time with our children is precious and valuable, for both the child and the adult. Our children crave our attention and guidance. Our lifelong journey to raise healthy, well-adjusted, focused children demands our constant effort at home and at the educational settings.

Arousing the continuous creative thinking and renewing the sense of attraction to the broad experience of development through interactive play - This is my way to contribute to the development of children in the 21st century.

Best, Bell

Our Services

1. B SmART together: Workshops, programs and activities in educational settings and camps. The advantages of SmART games when they are created and played in large groups - The power of together!

2.  A SmART quality time: Workshops for parents with their kids. Spend time with your child, create your games together, experience and play with them in an enjoyable environment, and take them home with you so the fun will never end.


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