Getting more out of today, with less

Any parent or caregiver who works with children in our time and age knows what a difficult task we have.there are moments when I contemplate the constantly expanding ocean of technology that our children swim in and I feel a fire of rebellion start to light up inside me. I watch how quickly we all…

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Enriched childhood in a world of screens

Being away from screens.Our kids can do that! They can stay away from them much longer than we think. But we need to help them. We need to find a way to remind ourselves that time with our kids is more important to us than the time that we spend on the iPhone. Our kids…

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Creativity is like a muscle- let’s keep it in shape

Creative thinking and imagination are like muscles.The more we train them, the more we use them throughout the day, the stronger they get. Every child gets this gift called imagination and creative thinking at birth.He uses it for sensory and experiential development, he enjoys exploring the environment and tries to manage it independently.But it’s a…

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