Never-ending ideas for developmental activities in one, single family of interlinked games


Meet the SmART family!

The world has changed but the needs of the human body for healthy, regulatory development, haven't.

In nowadays' world, creative thinking often needs a boost,

It isn't so easy for every child to hold in one activity, which doesn't involve screens, for a long period of time.

B SmART 'n PLAY game method was invented to provide a collective response to as many values and developmental needs, that have lost their power and place over time.

Giving a new colorful and mind provoking life to perishable and non-perishable waste, such as plastic, cardboard, and cans, can be a great educational support for the environment, especially if it comes in a form of developmental, fun games.

The SmART games are a line of original, challenging and fun games that are also methodical, educational, and environmentally friendly.

All the SmART games are linked to one another, and the players create them all themselves, as individuals or as a group at home and in educational settings.

The SmART games are much more than a craft project; they gather into them a complex of stimuli for healthy and regulatory development:

• They are mind provoking games that focus on strengthening multiple cognitive skills, such as memory, focus, and observation, but they are also used as accessories to reinforce basic developmental motor skills, such as speed and agility, power regulation, balance, and coordination in motion games.

• They serve as a tool to learn, practice, and strengthen social and emotional skills, such as increasing the capacity of attention, raising self-esteem, developing an appreciation to the power of teamwork, teaching the power of grit and tenacity, strengthening the use of imagination and personal initiative, raising the threshold of frustration, and teaching the child how to deal with competitive environments ways that make them feel safe.

• The games constantly stimulate the creator and player to think much far and beyond of what they see, to climb gradually and securely towards the top of the success ladder, and identify his strengths.

In each of the games, there are hidden multiple difficulty levels, and many styles of activities. It enables the child to observe and practice multiple skills at his own pace.


SMART ACTIVITY #1: My friend and me

Let your child discover which are the shapes, materials, and colors that create the masterpiece.

Create your own masterpiece!

Place on the table many types of materials, glue, scissors.

Let your imagination lead this project, or get some ideas from books and images YOU like.

Plan it SmARTly- add to the design some elements, such as colors, shapes, locations of materials. Plan ahead where to use each element and create a logical connection between the figures. 

Enjoy your project!

*I'm very curious and excited to see your unique masterpiece!

**Would you like to send me an image? It must be an amazing piece!

Best, Bell

SmART Activity One