Kids create development with their own hands

Meet the book:

B SmART 'n PLAY - play, explore, connect, and have endless fun with games YOU create 

"A super creative system of games that can be custom-tailored to your child's age & ability level." G.T - a verified customer, Amazon.

"Such a thorough, full of details book about creating sophisticated games that have multiple learning aspects and usages. Fun to make and fun to play for the whole family" G.R- verified costumer, Amazon

"Loved it!- Not only for its refreshing amazing concept, but also for the given opportunity for families to spend joyful time together while actually creating their own game, choosing their own colors and their own way of playing."- a verified customer, Amazon

"This book is packed with activities for kids at different skill levels. Well illustrated with photos on how to create the crafts and how to play with them. Two thumbs up!" a verified customer, Amazon

With a little help from adults, children as young as 5 years of age will be able to create the games that appear in the book, although even younger kids can enjoy many of the various activities presented in this book and related to B SmART 'n PLAY concept.

As the players progress through the games and add more pieces, the
complexity level of the games increases. This gently introduces new activities, concepts, and opportunities for thought-provoking creativity.

Enjoy the book and have fun!


Educational programs:

  • Kids' SmART workshops and mini-camps for 5 to 10-year-olds.
  • Parents-children's workshops and activities for 3 to 10-year-olds- plan, design, create and play together in a creative and fun environment. Connect through play and art, and take with you home plenty of new ideas, how to produce so much learning, development, and enjoyment with so little.
  • Enrichment programs in educational settings (preschools, elementary schools)- children play with original SmART games and create their own games as a group- they feel the power of together and use it to create unique and valuable games that activate their body, mind, and soul.
  • Games creating for parents and educators- creating multitasking SmART games to take home and activate the children in many creative ways. The adults enjoy creating and the kids can't wait to play.
  • "The power of together" yearly projects for educational settings.
  • Enrichment programs for educators, parents, and caregivers.

Some parents' reviews about the SmART programs and activities:

Einat Chai: Bell is wonderful with kids, they feel free to think, imagine, and act. My 6 years old boy ends each activity with a big smile, beautiful products he created and feels so proud of, and he can't wait for next session. Definitely recommended!

Shira Cohen: When I first met B Smart 'n PLAY, I thought that it was a nice idea. But now, when we are playing the games for a while, I think it's brilliant and a must have in every house. It reminds us that you can play with everything using your imagination. Now my kids are inventing games without the need in instructions and rules. It's an open-minded and a gift for life 

Aluma Cohen Netzer: B Smart 'n PLAY is one of the most empowering activities a parent can give to his child. Bell's creativity and use of reusable materials is amazing and capturing any child's imagination. My sons loved her activities once and again. They loved the challenge and enjoyed the colorful setting of each activity since each activity is unique and challenging in a different and creative way.

Chen Kaufman: Thank you for your amazing activity! Aviv is waiting for Thursday every week!!
He creates his own games by himself and takes them home to show off Besides that, he is enjoyed to talk to Bell after a long day at school. She is 100% with the kids with all her heart.
Thank you!

Idit Bernstein: My son prefers to play, arts and crafts are not his first choicebut with Bell he had so much fun! He couldn't stop talking about it. Amazing activity, he even got to take the game he created home!

Efrat Trister: An amazing activity for kids. My girls can't stop talking about it and especially about Bell . A must for every kid



Bell’s knowledge and understanding towards children’s learning was remarkable. She introduced me to the educational games which she had just started to create. I tried these games with my son and noticed that I was able to retain his focus and attention a lot longer. My son and I found these games intriguing, fun and developmental.

Bell, you have no idea how much these educational games have helped my son develop sound foundation in his early years. He has developed key skills such as social skill and cognitive skill which assist him in everyday life. Teaching my son through physical activities and games was the best way to engage his attention and for him to retain information and build his confidence - life changing "simple" little adjustments."    - Ruby Malhi


Our pre-K students at Jack in the Box School in Closter were thrilled to play with “B SmART ‘n play” games with Mrs. Bell Telem Goudsmit! The children followed the steps allowing them to reach each level until the game was done. Each time Mrs. Bell visited, the same game was used in totally different ways paying attention to the differences and similarities of shapes and sizes, colors and locations. The game allowed the children to learn basic math skills along with a variety of thought and movement activities, creativity and most of all, fun. The children were totally engaged and fascinated. I admire Bell’s endeavor and hard work in creating basic games that will benefit many children. We can’t wait until the next book is published!

~ Sue Arlia (Owner/Director)

This is a special book, with a rationale of astonishingly caliber, that introduces a new, fresh and different approach that integrates inquiry, arts and crafts, and movement and is suited for an era in which social skills are becoming a precious commodity, as are creativity and understanding of the variance that exists among learners and the learning environment.
The book teaches teachers and parents how to engage the child in a creative manner and in a positive atmosphere that suits his or her individual abilities. The games in the book are interesting, fun and easy to grasp, enabling parents to spend quality time with their children and encourage interaction between siblings, which is often lacking nowadays.
Dr. Israel Harari has been a member of the senior faculty at the Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute, Israel, for some 30 years, the past head of the Department of Movement and Sports, and the director of the Department of Teacher Education during the last decade of his work at the college. - Dr. Israel Harari

"I heard quite a bit about the workshops and the creative games. Registering my two sons to the workshop during the holidays' break was a good opportunity to check what everyone was talking about. On the first day, the children came home so happy. The excitement of their experience was remarkable. At the end of the workshop, we discovered together the qualities and uniqueness of these games.

Nowadays, children do not use their imagination too often and everything is so available and easy to get. We found in these games and in this amazing method, a source of infinite creativity and a wonderful experience for all ages. Even my youngest son found himself playing with the older kids, with games they created.

I, as a mother, was privileged to be exposed to a magical world of a genius game. Simplicity, on one hand, and complexity, on the other, especially creativity and imagination, that are so lacking nowadays.

The book "B SmART 'n PLAY" is a real treasure and the children are very excited to explore it more and more." - Shira Cohen

"Dear Bell,
Thanks for the lovely and enjoyable activity.
Two hours of unending creativity and thinking outside the box taught me how to connect with my child and enjoy it and not through conventional box games.
Your patience and personal attention to each child contributed to the ability of all children to integrate and enjoy themselves sometimes individually, and sometimes together as a group.
There is no doubt that this isn't only an experience that leaves you wanting to do it again, but it also teaches how to look at the small and banal things around us and see the potential that exists in them to become a game, which is all fun." - Tal Steinberg

Bell's workshops are fantastic and each workshop is different. Every workshop is enriching and contributes to the children's development in a spectacular way!! My kids are young (3 and 5) and they both had a fabulous time. Each of them gained different things from the workshop. Bell manages to adapt her workshops to a variety of ages and enables each child to experience and succeed according to his or her abilities.

With simple materials, the children succeed in creating such special things in Bell's workshops and they discover that not everything that glitters shine brighter and that they are capable of creating very special things with the power of their thought and the challenges that they face. Aside from the fact that Bell is especially creative, her ability to listen, her giving and her assistance throughout the workshops are unique and so the participants' enjoyment and pleasure are especially great.” - Aluma Cohen-Netser